About the Project

The Archaeology of Green Point Burial Grounds Project (AGPBG) as it has become known, consists of the soon to be published book “Grave Encounters” and a website containing a trove of various types of records pertaining to the history and archaeology of burials in the broader Green Point area. Both the book and website are the end products of a National Lotteries Commission sponsored project initiated in 2007 by the Archaeology Contacts Office (ACO) in collaboration with Dr Antonia Malan under the auspices of the University of Cape Town (UCT). 

The excavations at Prestwich Place in particular made it clear that local people are very interested in, and feel very strongly about, their history. Some are directly linked to this area and others took responsibility and ownership of what the place represented for the wider community. 

While the project was originally initiated to record the process of the excavations and exhumations of human remains from the site known as “Prestwich Place” (PP) in Green Point, the AGPBG team realised that following the pioneering excavations at Cobern Street in 1999, they had in fact accumulated a much broader extensive knowledge archive around this part of town and its history than just the PP site. Subsequent archaeological and historical research work at a number of sites by Cultural Resource Management (CRM) companies, academic archaeologists and historians alike accumulated large amounts of historical archival material in addition to complimentary information from archaeological excavations. Apart from a few academic publications, theses and reports, the material was destined to remain largely inaccessible to researchers and the general public alike.

About the 'Archaeology of Green Point Burial Grounds Project' Logo

The logo on the website consists of a circle with the project name and two laurel leaves. 

The circle can refer to many aspects of this project: the circle of life and death, the heel marks of clay smoking pipes, the coins and buttons interred alongside burials, or the hole in the pre-colonial shell pendant found at Cobern Street. 

The laurel leaves refer to those placed on the boxes of human remains carried in ceremonial procession from Green Point to the City Hall and Woodstock while a final resting place was determined.

About ACO Associates

ACO Associates cc is a commercial heritage and archaeology consultancy. Its origins lie in the Archaeology Contracts Office which was established in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Cape Town in 1987 under Profs John Parkington and Martin Hall. Both David Halkett and Tim Hart, the current directors of ACO Associates cc, were part of the ACO from inception and took over the management in 1991. In 2011, the unit was privatised and moved off-campus to premises in Diep River.